YPL Photovoltaic Augmentation Mammaplasty
We must develop YOUR bust!  

The time is now. Everyone knows that your breasts are holding you back from the job you've always wanted. Is your man not "popping" THE big question? That right. It's because your boobies are too small. The human male loves breasts, even gay men -- recent studies indicate that if the average gay man was not a gay man, and was a woman, he'd want big knockers too. 


We also understand your hesitation. Are bodacious ta-tas really worth all the surgery? Probably not. That's why YPL has come up with an easier solution. No more sub-muscular silicone/saline implants! We've done away with all that, and combined the miracle of modern day silicon semiconductors with some mystical, ancient Egyptian sun god magic to bring you Photovoltaic Augmentation Mammaplasty.


Less time in the doctors office, more time in the SUN! All it takes is one visit to the YPL Doctor... then you're off to the beach! Every 4 hours in the sun equals 2 hours sustained solar breast size increase, and a 9.4% higher risk for skin cancer. That's a 4:2 ratio; and upgrades are planned for this fall. Trust us we know what we're doing.
YPL will keep you hot and make you sexy! Now you can have a fuller figure that looks and feels as natural as your own breasts, without the risk and cost of surgery. Photovoltaic Augmentation Mammaplasty is semi-safe, semi-comfortable, semi-waterproof, and designed to be natural looking and feeling. You won't notice the difference from your real breasts, other then the fact they will be way BIGGER.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours augmented today! Tell us now!